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Your complete outsourced IT department with 24x7 monitoring and maintenance

Managed IT
With proactive All-in-One solutions ranging from managed AntiVirus software up to managing your complete IT infrastructure, CRW offers to become your outsourced IT department.

Using modern software and technologies, we can find and solve most IT problems remotely even before you ever noticing them.

Let us take care of your IT so you can focus on your tasks.
As with most utilities, computers also need regular maintenance. As you go throughout your day, opening e-mails, using portable storage devices, downloading files or surfing the web, problems and compatibility issues can and will arise.

One part of our managed service offerings is to perform regular checkups and maintenance on key aspects of your operating system. This ensures to keep your system running healthy and smooth, again, so you can focus on your work without any worries.

Every month we will generate an easy to understand report, so that you are always in the loop of the work we have done for you in the background.
IT Security
Undoubtedly the most important aspect of every IT environment is security. Computer- and network-threats evolve daily, so keeping your infrastructure safe is truly a tough job.

CRW leverages A.I. driven cloud technologies with intelligent detection & response features to protect against the widest array of threat vectors and stay ahead of the attackers.

We combine these state of the art technologies with classic protection tools like DNS filtering or signature-based security tools to build one massive security package.
As your outsourced IT department, we’re here to help in case of problems or questions. Be it a simple problem of not being able to open a document up to helping you find solutions to improve your everyday workflow, help is only a few clicks or a phone call away.

Depending on the severity of the situation we can either launch a remote connection to your workstation or be on site to fix what needs to be fixed.
Network Infrastructure
Deploying and managing networks takes some careful planning. With years of experience serving all kinds of businesses, we have implemented great best practices with a handful of chosen hardware brands to deploy a wide array of wired and wireless network environments with great efficiency.

But the most important part is keeping your network safe and running at all times. We use state of the art tools to secure and monitor your network 24x7 including an automated alert system in case of threat detection. On top of that we perform regular safety and performance tests to ensure everything works as expected.
24x7 Monitoring
IT monitoring is a key part of our Managed Services offering. Today, computers and their correlating technologies are essential parts of nearly every business but they shouldn’t get in your way of working nor should you ever worry about your work tools.

This is where we step in. Monitoring every aspect of your IT environment gives us the ability to spot upcoming problems and solve them before disaster strikes.

All this is done in respect of the European General Data Protection laws.
Proactivity continues in backups.

Individual and deeply thought-out backup solutions are one of our key strengths.
By combining local and off-site backups, we can actively monitor and test all the backups that have been performed.

No matter if you’re using Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines or even cloud services like Office 365 and Google G Suite, we have great backup solutions for all of those.
Cloud Solutions
You need to access your files wherever you are. Gone are the times where you only worked on one device at a time.

Collaborative document editing, shared calendars & contacts, remote file access and sharing, e-mail with state of the art antivirus, spam filtering and archiving or an internal chat system for your company are only a few of the solutions we offer that boost your productivity.

We constantly strive to find the optimal tools to help overcome obstacles like our newest offering CRW AppAnywhere which enables remote access to non-cloud applications like your favourite CRM that has been written before cloud services became a thing.
Project Management
With years of experience in selling, repairing and upgrading IT environments, consulting our customers on optimising efficiency and costs, building a great portfolio of partnerships ranging from experts in the fields of electrical cabling, communication services, websites and corporate identities, printers and even office furniture,

CRW is your one-stop shop for upcoming projects.
Internet & VOIP
No office would be complete without internet and a professional telephony system.

We have partnered with Luxembourgs No. 1 VOIP provider to offer you amazing telephones and high-speed internet at unbeatable prices.