Welcome to CRW

CRW (Computers by Robert Weydert) is a managed services provider and computer manufacturing company based in Luxembourg.

As a managed services provider we can offer your business all-in-one solutions to manage your complete IT environment at a great value.

We build individually tailored computers and carry out repairs, tuning, networking and other services all across (and around) the country.



Proactive all-in-one solutions to secure, maintain and optimize your IT environment


Encrypted disaster recovery backups on and off location


Spotting and solving upcoming problems before disaster strikes


Combining hardware and software to make your office go mobile


A.I. driven threat protection with intelligent detection & response


Together with our partners we take your business to the next level

How we work

A personal customer relationship is of upmost importance to us. We believe that it takes a great understanding of who we are working with to deliver the best possible support.

With CRW you can always be sure that you get the best product for your budget and that you never pay for anything that you don’t need or don’t want.

All CRW custom computers are built by hand in Luxembourg with only the best components on the market and come standard with a 3-Year warranty.

Local Partners

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