Welcome to the CRW-Support@Home System,

if you already contacted CRW, than please click on this link underneath to download the Support@Home Software. After that, you will be asked to save or run the application, please choose the “save” option.



How it works:

  1. You contact CRW and make an appointment ( / 26 78 37 20 / 691 141 145. You can also use our contact formular on our homepage under “Contact“)
  2. CRW will call you back at the time of the appointment and ask you to start the Support@Home Application (No installation required, the application starts immediately)
  3. You tell CRW the ID and the Password shown in the programm
  4. Now you can sit back and watch CRW solving your Computer problem
  5. After the maintenance, the invoice will be sent to you by data transfer, E-Mail or post. (27,50€ incl. taxes /0,5h)

INFO: The Password is a “one time password” which means it will automatically change by restarting the application. This is for your own security.